Rick Sanchez: Firing One’s Own

Whether or not Sanchez has a point in denouncing the people who supposedly wronged him, put him down, snubbed him or otherwise denigrated him because of his ethnic background seems almost immaterial and flies in the face of logic when we take into consideration his affiliation with CNN as an anchor. The 24-hour news outlet, while not exactly as vociferous and openly fanatical in their ultra right-wing views as an all too famous (or is it infamous?) counterpart, does embrace with open arms the bidding of the ruling elite and their pervasive mainstream ideology. An who better to propagate this gospel, ad nauseam, and on a daily basis than the newscasters and anchors at CNN embodied in such fair and dedicated personalities as Mr.Sanchez, Wolf Blitzer and other colleagues. In fact, Rick Sanchez’s time spent at the channel has only served to better convey to the public the idea of the magnanimity and superiority of the U.S. as an exceptional and fair nation whose leaders are truly at the service of the American working class and the world, while opposite remains true judging by the condition of the world and the average American.

We might be able to commiserate and find it in our hearts to stand shoulder to shoulder in protest with Rick as someone who is sincerely at odds with his views and those of his news media employer; someone singled out and punished, excoriated and ultimately ousted for daring to expose these views as nothing more than plain and simple window dressing for the sole purpose of increasing their TV ratings so as to successfully meet their bottom line. This scenario being hardly the case, forces some of us with a more alternative view to reconsider our unconditional and undivided support on his behalf. A more benevolent and tolerant opinion of the events would reek of sheer mendacity and irresponsibility on our part.

Further scrutiny also reveals the absurdity of feeling remorse at the supposed injustice been meted out at Rick for having been unfairly expelled from the channel for daring to be “a complex human being.” Moreover, his claim at being a “minority” becomes a travesty in light of the connotation of the very word — we would be hard pressed to come up with a single Hispanic minority individual who can boast of being blessed with such meritocracy. Mr. Sanchez can be said to have enjoyed at privileged status at CNN, not that he is unworthy of it, far from it. However one does wish that such an advantageous position could be employed to a more socially productive end and not in the service of the self-serving media establishment and its virtual myriad of pundits and demagogues. Had he assumed a progressive stand with a genuine interest of the public and those at the bottom of the rung in mind, his exit strategy would have been deemed more dignifying, redeemable and courageous. Then again, perhaps this is too much to ask of one who enjoys all the perks and gold membership for serving those at the top.


— October 3, 2010